Laura Bentley (nastenka05) wrote,
Laura Bentley

food question

So, a bunch of friends of mine want to get together and go to one of those "Meals In Minutes" places, where they have a bunch of dishes that you assemble and then take home to freeze and reheat when you're starving and have no time. Which, considering we're po' and chronically in a hurry, sounds great. Except that I looked at their menu and it's leaving me cold. So I'm trying to convince themselves that we can do the same sort of thing at home, with less cost and better food.

But, I need menu suggestions. Especially for things that aren't Lasagne, chili, or enchilladas, which are my standard go-to freezer feeding food. It has to be something that can be put together reasonably fast, freezes well, and can be portioned out in 2-4 person portions in either a ziplock freezer bag, or a gladware container. Plus, it has to be yummy enough to make you actually want to defrost it! Ideally, I'd love to get a ton of recipes so we can make this a semi-monthly thing.
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