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Nastenka's journal

Laura Bentley
12 July
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activism, aerosmith, anarchists, androgyny, angelina jolie, anime, arch enemy, aromatherapy, astrology, avril lavigne, bam margera, band geeks, baryshnikov, becoming, big dismal, billy idol, blackmore's night, blowing bubbles, book marks, books, bracelets, butterflies, button moon, candles, care bears, chocolate, community, compassion, complexity, creative writing, cycling, dark crystal, darling violetta, darncing, double-ended dildos, edward norton, empowerment, ethics, ethnic stuff, ewan mcgregor, faeries, fat liberation, fight club, folklore, freaking-out, french, gay marriage rights, girls interrupted, godsmack, harry connick jr., healing, indirect threat, inga muscio, insanity, jake gyllenhall, jell-o, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, josh groban, kittie, labyrinth, laughter, led zeppelin, liberals, life, lightening, linguistics, linkin park, lisa gerard, listening to music, little mermaid, live, low-slung jeans, making friends, maroon 5, martina navratilova, matchbox twenty, mermaids, mike oldfield, moscow, moskva, my cat boots, my friends, nature, no diets, not work, optimist, orlando bloom, overanalysing, panera, pirates, playing piano, poetry, pomeranians, poptastic, postman pat, pro-choice, puddle of mud, puddle of mudd, puddles, purple roses, quill and scroll, quills, quirkyness, reading, recipes, retro tshirts, sarcasm, self-esteem, shakespeare, shakespeare in love, si, singing, slc punk, sleeping, slipknot, smokeing pot, spanish, spending other people's money, starfish, stick on earings, stripey socks, subway, surfer grrls, tatu, teenagers, the clash, the da vinci code, the doors, the ellen show, the l word, thoughtfullness, tribeca, truth, vegetarian, voltaire, watching sunsets, women, womens' rights, wristbands, yummy goodness, zines