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Nastenka's journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Laura Bentley

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[Mar28'2007 01:34AM]
I can't believe this is happening...

[Feb05'2007 01:43AM]
DIEGO'S 21!!!!

[Nov20'2006 09:14AM]
"Ségolène Royal wins the Socialist Party's nomination for President of France in next year's election; she becomes France's first-ever female presidential candidate representing a major party."


[Oct25'2006 09:52PM]
I want to make a baked alaska for my friend's birthday party tomorrow, and I need an absolute no-fail 111% delicious recipe. No dietary restrictions, but I am cooking in a dorm kitchen, so I don't have all my fancy-pants kitchen tools from home.

[Oct09'2006 08:51PM]
I learned all about feminism from my friend Ana Casian Lakos. She told me about racism, classism, priviliege, and why they're bad.

Yet it seems that since i learned about this stuff, life hasn't gotten any better.--it's gotten worse. People just dont want to hear about it when you call them out on their sexist and racist behaviour.

Is it just me, or does feminism take a lot of courage?

It takes a lot of courage, and courage is something i dont want to have.

How the fuck are you supposed to be a feminist with people telling you everywhere, that it's such a bad thing.

Why do people have to bully you about it, all the time?

food question [Aug16'2006 08:37AM]
So, a bunch of friends of mine want to get together and go to one of those "Meals In Minutes" places, where they have a bunch of dishes that you assemble and then take home to freeze and reheat when you're starving and have no time. Which, considering we're po' and chronically in a hurry, sounds great. Except that I looked at their menu and it's leaving me cold. So I'm trying to convince themselves that we can do the same sort of thing at home, with less cost and better food.

But, I need menu suggestions. Especially for things that aren't Lasagne, chili, or enchilladas, which are my standard go-to freezer feeding food. It has to be something that can be put together reasonably fast, freezes well, and can be portioned out in 2-4 person portions in either a ziplock freezer bag, or a gladware container. Plus, it has to be yummy enough to make you actually want to defrost it! Ideally, I'd love to get a ton of recipes so we can make this a semi-monthly thing.

[Apr12'2006 02:18PM]
I was surprised how many ppl commented. I guess it made me feel good.
It's nice to be fucking believd for once.
And not to have to apologize all the time.



Shout out to karen, if you're reading this.
I...miss you.

[Mar04'2006 02:13PM]
Holy shit.

My dad came home last night.

Fat_rage! [Jan12'2006 05:30AM]

Please note I use the word fat in the reclaiming sense--as someone who is clinically obese I need a place to vent. Details of this community still in the works, but if anyone has suggestions let me know!

benefit show in Cambridge, MA on wednesday!! [Dec27'2005 03:27AM]
The Riot-Folk! Collective Presents...
Alive In Baghdad Alternative Holiday Benefit Party!!!

@ 45 Mount Auburn Street in Harvard Square
(Formerly the Harvard Social Forum)
7:00pm. $5-25 sliding scale donation.
No one turned away for lack of funds.

Featuring music from...
EVAN GREER - (boston's own radical folkster!)
SHARP TEETH - (catchy and heartfelt local folk-rock)
MIMI LAVALLEY - (local activist singer/songwriter)
PROJECT: CITIZEN - (political acoustic punk from NY)
-plus other acts TBA-

AND! a discussion and film screening with Brian Conley, a boston activist who recently returned from filming on the ground in Iraq.

Proceeds from the show will go to help Brian pay off his debts from his last trip, and hopefully to return to Iraq for more filming!

More information at: www.aliveinbaghdad.org

For more information on the show, visit www.riotfolk.org, e-mail evan@riotfolk.org, or call 978.852.6457

[Dec25'2005 03:29AM]
There are rivers of rain flowing down the street outside my window, which is making me want to stay home, curl up with a book, light hanukkah candles, and do more or less nothing. so despite several activity options, all of which i think i would enjoy, i'm here, being a homebody. after last week, i kinda need it.

just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays, whatever you celebrate. enjoy your time off from work, school, whatever, and just take it easy

[Dec21'2005 06:05AM]
You meet all kinds of weirdoes on eBay. After being bugged by more than ten emails from various village idiots who can't or can't be bothered to read and patiently replying "we're in *melbourne*..." to each of them--this fact is clearly indicated in the item description by the way--I received the following email so pathetic that I was sorely tempted to unleash the full evilness in me and put him down with a simple but forceful "no go away you loser". But I need to sell, so I have to be diplomatic.

Gopi, if you are reading this, all I can say to you is: Dude, you need friends, not a fridge.

* * *
I am interested in Fridge and the bed. Will it be possible to help me in shifting to my place in Brougham st. As i am new to this place and dont have a vehicle it will be difficult for me to shift. Please let me know.
Thank you.


hi there. i am afraid that is not possible for several reasons: (1) i do not have access to a car (2) i am very busy moving out as well -- repainting, recarpeting, meeting with buyers, packing, shipping etc. if you have a driver's licence there are truck rentals at a'beckett street and in richmond. good luck with your move and thanks for your interest.

[Nov12'2005 04:27AM]
here was someone making puking sounds in back of the auditorium during my little cousin's winter concert.

i have not stop laughing since.

[Nov11'2005 03:32AM]
well, after yesterdays semi-emotional upheaeal im faced with what to do next. i dont have any real idea where to go.

for all those who are unawhere i asked bara ( czech exchange student) out yesterday and i think she would have said yes but she has a boyfreind back home.so im faced with where to go next and she wasent like any girl ive met before she was much more freindly and open than every other girl (yes cat even you sorry) and now im just like oh, well time to go emo.

all im saying is that " bara i think you are special" one of the so called five.i liked you seince i met you i realy did not being sappy or anything, when i talked to you in the library that monday or thursday after school i was like," o man she is like perfect"

whats with my luck with girls sombody tell me.

oh by the way if you want to be an asshole do it somewhere else there are more than enough usres on jl i can replace you with and sory if this is depressing just be happy anyway.

[Nov10'2005 01:09PM]
Wow-zers! An update. Somedays, I forget that I have this thing. And other days, I remember that I have this thing, but I don't feel like doing anything because I already poured my emo tears into my Xanga. This isn't working out very well.

I rode horses. And no my butt is sore. And I have these bruises all over my legs. *glare to VIcki*

I'm over at Kelsey's house and we're about to watch 'The Road To El Dorado'. Because, it's either that or 'Ten Things I Hate About You'. And we watch that ~3 times a month. It's tradition. *nods*

I hate my grades in school. Two A's and two B's. The B's depress me. Greatly. D=

I'm wearing pajama pants that are pink with cows on them. How exciting. =)

And there you have an update.

[Oct15'2005 04:29AM]
I'm just a walking pile of self pity.
no wonder why no one can stand me.

[Aug21'2005 03:26PM]
we walk merely out of a cough of hope
that something in our desperate lives might work.
and for what?
we die.
and we regret ever walking at all.

[Aug15'2005 12:02PM]
I have achived Enlightenment.

Oh and get over it emo kids just get up and dance!

[Apr13'2005 09:13PM]
Great. So my dad is going to fucking send me to REHAB.
Possibly. And I'm not gunna fucking deal with it.
I got caught for taking vodka.
My dad called and yelled at me, and said if he catches me with one more little thing, I'm going to rehab or some fucking program. Before then, though, he's grounding me. As soon as I get home. I'm not sure until when.. but it sounds as if this next fight could be violent.
I have so much shit that I could get him in trouble for. My problem is, I'm too afraid to fight back with him, because in a way, I feel bad for him. I don't want to make him cry... that would make me cry even harder. But I just can't deal with this anymore. If he decides to get in the least bit physical, which he rarely does but might, I'm just going to let it all out. And probably not even stay at my house. I really need some place to go if this gets ugly...

weeee [Mar25'2005 01:45PM]
Dad just left to pick my sister up, and she's coming home any minute now. I can't wait. :)

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